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Over 30 Years In Practice 

We have all grown up with common norms of honesty, fair play and courtesy whether they were learned through our parents, in school or the arena.  When a devoted employee goes down through no fault of their own, should not good corporate citizens, like their employer be held to the same societal standards?


About Our Fees: Legal costs should never be a deterrent to obtaining your lawful entitlements. For most cases, no “up front” retainer is required. We work on percentage of recovery system and base our legal fees on the results obtained through your settlement or a legal determination. Read more…

Do You Identify With Any Of These Situations?

Wrongful Dismissal - Toronto Employment Lawyer

Wrongful Dismissal

Are you a long-term employee suddenly facing wrongful dismissal with inadequate notice? Have you been unjustly terminated without cause from your job?

Maternity_Leave - Toronto Employment Lawyerjpg

Maternity Leave

Were you suddenly demoted after revealing your pregnancy to your boss? Do you feel unwelcome after returning to work after maternity leave?


Constructive Dismissal 

Are you caught up in an endless cycle of sham layoffs with your employer? Is this affecting your family life and making it unpredictable to make long term plans?

Workplace Harassment - Toronto Employment Lawyer

Workplace Harassment

Have you been berated or humiliated in front of others? Do you feel isolated because colleagues have subjected you to malicious gossip and rumors at work?


The first step is to be informed; calling us in the early stages will arm you with information to properly deal with this process.

Toronto Employment Lawyer, Lecker and Associates

We are a boutique law firm with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in employment and disability law. We exclusively represent employees and as their advocate, we have successfully:


  • Gone to bat for employees with large and small corporations for wrongful and constructive dismissal cases.
  • Proven and obtained compensation for employees who were subjected to workplace bullying and sexual harassment.
  • Reviewed employment contracts to the benefit of employees.
  • Appeared before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to level the playing field for vulnerable employees.

Client Testimonials

Toronto Employment Lawyer, Lecker & Associates
  • I highly recommend Lecker & Associates as an employment lawyer. They are truly the subject matter experts. They work very hard to fight for your rights and they deliver positive outcome. Most importantly, they are honest and very fair. Special thanks to Matthew Fisher and Eslita Ramkishun.

    Pio Canakci


  • I was referred to Lecker & Associates by a friend who was also very pleased with their experience. From the first day I made contact with the office, till the time I reached a settlement, I found their customer service to be expedient and knowledgeable, which was very welcome during a time that was confusing and frustrating for me. I always felt that I was listened to, and that my interests were important to them. Their technical skills and knowledge, and expertise in this specialized field were in my opinion, outstanding. I truly appreciate the work completed by Matthew, Maria, Tina and Dora.

    Liz DeCarlo


  •  I just want to thank everyone at Lecker & Associates for all the hard work they put into my case. They were very easy to work with and got me everything I deserved (and them some). I would also like to extend an EXTRA thank you to Eslita Ramkishun who had to put up with my countless questions and emails for the past few months :) 

    Jayson Nusbaum


Awareness Of Your Rights Is The Power To Level The Playing Field, When You Feel You Cannot Take Your Employer On Alone, Contact Us, We Can Help.


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